All About Payments

With Extensive Experience In Providing Multi-channel Customer Support Solutions Spanning The Entire Customer Lifecycle.

Filling Credit Cycle Gaps

We provide the infrastructure and expertise to assist creditors with managing accounts receivable at all stages of the credit cycle.

Analysis & Monitoring ePayments

Our Business Model makes it easy to do business worldwide by helping you send and receive cross-border payments instantly to and from any country.

Fast Transaction Processing

We have a proven track record of helping your company save time and money, allowing your entire organization to be more efficient.

Risk Management Services

Highly secure, with measures in place at every step in the process to ensure your data is kept safe, and we continually adjust our internal processes.

Payment Acceptance Solutions

PayCaddie protects cardholder and other sensitive data by employing Point-to-Point Encryption to secure the payment data.

Secure Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways are a complete secure transaction processing system. As a merchant, you can use them to submit, authorize, capture, and settle transactions without the need for separate transaction terminal or processing software.

Industrial Expertise

We Are Honored To Serve The Variety Of Industries With The Pursuit Of Producing Best Results.


Offering various range of solutions including both first and third party collections.


Focussing along with an attention to innovation to see substantial growth.


We focus on the consumer experience while bringing high level results back to our clients.


We find our greatest success by focussing on developing our clients and make them better.

Our Clients